Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, which is one of the greatest inventions of the betterment and comfort of mankind. We have a telephonic conversation almost every hour. Having telephonic conversations has become a part of our daily routine.
Tring! Tring! Hello, who’s calling? Do you talk on the phone? Do you talk for long hours or short period of time? If I talk about myself, I talk a lot on the phone and usually, tell friends about the conversation I had. While talking to friends, people often are seen in search of new words and phrases. Maybe you too require it. If you want to tell someone about the conversation you had, or while talking on the phone the call got disconnected, or the person on the other side was not audible.
So, In this telephone call vocabulary, we will be learning new words and phrases for the situations. Let’s have a look.
1. Dead – battery ran out
e.g.- I am so sorry, my phone went dead.
2. Engaged – If the line’s busy, call again later.
 e.g.- Whenever…


We are all humans and making mistakes is natural, - whether it is breaking a window, hurting someone and forgetting important dates.
Since decades, you might have made many good friends, but it takes a few seconds to ruin the relationship because of wrong words you uttered. This comes the time to clean up the mess and apologize. You just keep saying and no one forgives you. Find different ways to say sorry.
Tip: Always be sincere when saying “I’m sorry”. Apologizing for small mistakes Sorry about thatMy badMy mistakeWhoops! Sorry! Apologizing for a formal or serious situation I’d like to apologizeI take full responsibilityI owe you an apologyI wanted to tell you I am sorry Apologizing for big mistakes I’m so sorryI apologize 


You should say: What food was itWhat it tasted likeAnd explain whether or not you liked this food.

I am a foodie person and a frequent traveller.So, I get opportunities to experience dishes from diverse cultures.Last year I travelled to Himachal’s capital Shimla.In himachali restaurant, I tried a strange dish called “Sidu”.Sidu is a sort of bread prepared from wheat flour.The mixture is stuffed into it.It is made up of boiled green peas, roasted peanuts, walnuts, garlic flakes, green chilli, salt and ginger as they are very nutritious.I loved tasting it the first time.No other food comes close to it in the terms of taste and it is difficult for me to explain it.I loved it not only because of taste but also due to the abundance of nutrients in it.It was really very delicious.That was the early moment I had tried itI would love to visit that place again and have the food.


Are you currently trying to pick up a new language to learn or Do you find fun learning a new language in your leisure time. Presumably, you might have decided to improve your English skills. Then I believe this is the best decision that you have made. Now, in this lesson today I am going to share 5 reasons that explains why learning English is necessary.

1.English is a global language It is a language spoken world-wide. Here, I mean that people do understand and do speak English as a second language in many countries. When it comes to travelling or visiting different countries, if do not speak your language, then English comes to rescue. So,little knowledge or basic knowledge is also very helpful when you visit new countries and try way out in other countries.
2.English will open a world of new opportunitiesIf you have a good level of knowledge of English, you can speak effectively and your communication skill will be great. If you are seeking for employment or even if you are trave…


You should say: who is s/hehow you know him/herwhat you know about him/herand explain why do you think s/he is beautiful or handsome.
I have seen countless attractive and good-looking people in my life.Here, I would like to talk about a person whom I find the most beautiful.She is none other than my mother.She is in her early fifties.She is not tall, but looks very pretty.Her hair has started greying, but she does not color or dye her hair.She believes in growing grey hair naturally.She generally wear Punjabi suits, and even occasionally too.She is very down to earth person and is loved by all in our family and neighborhood.The reason I find her beautiful is not just because of her looks, but also because of her beautiful soul she has and kind heart  full of love and care.She is woman with strong will power who always teaches us of how to face thought challenges of the life.She cooks delicious food for the whole family.She always guides us to go ahead at right path and do right things i…